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Dogs need a way in and out, too! Premium Pet Doors supplies your fur friend with their very own door. This glass, in-wall, electronic, in-screen, or patio insert door, can help your little friend go outdoors without your help. With our products, they can easily spend time in the backyard and come back inside as they wish. Since safety and your dog's comfort are both our top priorities, we make sure an expert installer does the installation. This installer will measure your pup so that the door is sized correctly for their accessibility. To learn more, please call us today to ask any questions you have.

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Premium Pet Doors is a family-owned business and has been a part of the Lytnin Corporation pet business since our start. We're proud of the number of pet doors we're able to provide. The products we sell meet the needs of almost anyone looking for security and style for their pet's door. Along with the doors we offer, we also provide you with the installation of the doors. Because our installers have more than 25 years of experience, they not only install the door but train your pet to use the door. You and your dog will enjoy all we have to offer.

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  • In-Glass Pet Doors
  • In-Door Pet Doors
  • In-Wall Pet Doors
  • In-Screen Pet Doors
  • Patio Insert Pet Doors
  • Electronic Pet Doors

Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the biggest dog your pet doors can accommodate?

We have pet doors that can accommodate pets up to 220 pounds.

How energy efficient is your pet doors?

The Plexidor has a double pane insulated saloon style flap. The Endura flap is made of a special product that prevents warping, cracking and peeling and has a bubble type air insulator. It is available in a single or double flap version on all its door and wall mounts. The Hale products we sell are a double vinyl flap. This makes all of them among the most energy efficient pet doors available.

Give Your Dog the Best

To learn how we can make your pet's life better, please call (719) 800-1152. If nobody is available (or if you'd prefer), please fill out the form below. Our installers work within Colorado Springs, CO, and its surrounding areas.

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